Buying Guide

Looking for a safe?  Don't know what you want or need? Below is a guideline of things to take into consideration.

What will you be protecting?

  • Papers-Wills, Insurance Papers, Deeds, Birth Certificates.  You should look at a RECORD SAFE also known as a FIRE SAFE.
  • Sensitive Materials-Computer CD’s, DVD’s, Tapes, Photographs.  You need a DATA SAFE rated for 125 degrees.
  • Valuables-Jewelry, Coin Collections, Etc.  Look for a BURGLARY SAFE or COMPOSITE BURGLARY/FIRE SAFE.

Value of items being protected?

  • Up to $5,000 RSC Label recommended.
  • $5,100 to $20,000 TL15 label recommended.
  • $20,100 + TL30 or higher recommended.


  • Determine what is going in the safe and what cubic feet is required.  Stack the items you plan to place in the safe together and measure the height, width and depth.
  • Decide where you want to place your safe and take measurements-height, width and depth.  Note:  Beware of weight restrictions for stairs going up to 2nd floor and down to a basement location.

Safe Labels

  • Safe Labels are VERY IMPORTANT.  You want to know you are getting the right safe to provide the protection needed.

Safe Labels

Fire Protection

  • “UL” Underwriters Laboratories- Class 350° will protection your important papers when directly exposed to fire up to 1,700°F.
  • “UL” Underwriters Laboratories-Class 125° will protect your sensitive media, CD’s, DVD’s, film, etc when directly exposed to fire up to 1,700°F.

Burglary Protection

  • “UL” Label for Burglary Protection are rated based on resistance to attack from certain tools and torches for a specified length of time.  Testing is based on the net time working on the safe with proper tools and knowledge.
  • RSC (Residential Security Container)-Tested for 5 minutes with tools normally found in the home.  It should be noted that burglars who break into homes usually “grab and run” and typically won’t spend much time trying to break into your safe.
  • TL15 Label-Tested with drills, grinders, picking tools, electric or mechanical tools, power cutters etc for a net time of 15 minutes.
  • TL30 Label-Tested with the same tools as above for 30 minutes.
  • TRTL30 Label-Tested for 30 minutes with above power tools and oxy-welding and cutting torches.
  • TRTL60 Label-Tested for 60 minutes with above power tools and torches.
  • X6 Label-Any label with X6 after the rating has been tested on all 6 sides.

How much protection do you need? We can help you make that determination.  The old saying "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" is very true in purchasing a safe! Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the safe that I recently purchased. The delivery guys were great. Very professional and I learned a lot just by watching them. I have recommended you to several of my friends so I hope that you will be getting some more business. Again, thank you for all the time that you spent with us when we came by to shop. You made us feel welcomed and you taught us a lot about what makes a good safe. 

– BWB Winston Salem, N.C.